4th Monthsary…

4th Monthsary

Dear Awesome Reader,

So today, it’s my 4th ‘Monthsary’ which is completely insane! How has it been 4 months since I’ve started my blog? The time has gone unbelievably quickly!

Thank you to everybody who has supported me through this incredible journey; you are truly amazing!

I am currently editing the video from the Summer Ball and I can’t wait for you guys to see it!

Also, Sherina and I have been working on the Teens Tell Their Story Project so much and I want you guys to know how super excited we are! Like, this project is going to be HUGE! We hope that you guys are excited too and, don’t worry, there will be a post coming soon where we explain exactly what the project entails! Now go and blast your favourite music and jump up and down with excitement! That’s literally what I feel like doing right now!


What do you think of me starting a Youtube channel in the Summer…? 😉 


12 thoughts on “4th Monthsary…

  1. Lola Lana Lily Blogs says:

    Happy 4th Monthsary! I seriously can’t believe that you’ve gotten this many followers in a few months…like seriousy, how even..?!? Anyway, I’m looking forward to that Summertime Ball video and your youtube channel. Although, I have one question. What will you post on your channel?

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