I’m So Excited For The Future…

Dear Awesome Reader,

I just wanted to thank you for all your enthusiasm and support with regards to me starting a YouTube channel. I am super excited to start putting together videos and I have so many different ideas! I promise to start uploading videos during the Summer!

Also, there is going to be a huge post on the Teens Tell Their Story project next week and you are going to be able to start signing up! I’m super excited as Sherina and I have worked immensely hard putting this together for you and so we hope we get as many people signing up as possible. If we get enough people signing up, we may be able to hold a few competitions! And take note that non-bloggers can also get involved!

The project itself will be full of prompts and topics for all of us to discuss and if will allow you to express your opinion! The launch date of the project will be on the 20th July!

Thank you for being so patient and I apologise for the short length of this post!

Comment below if you think you’d like to sign up! ❤


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