3 Simple, Casual & Beachy Hairstyles!

Dear Awesome Reader,

Today, I went body boarding at the beach with my family and it gave me the inspiration for this post!

I’m going to be giving you three simple and easy hairstyle ideas that give a casual and beachy look! An idea to prep your hair beforehand would be to perhaps curl your hair to give some beachy waves and sea salt spray can help you achieve that!

Anyway, let’s get started!

Beachy 1

The first idea is this messy bun which is super easy to achieve! I simply put my hair into a high pony tail and then wrapped the hair around to make a bun, tied it with a bobble and then used bobby pins to hold it in place. It’s so quick and it doesn’t really matter how neat it looks!

Beachy 2

The second idea is this side fishtail plait! I plaited my sister’s hair to show you and I pulled the plait apart a lot so that it was loose and looked more casual! To do a fish tail plait, you’re going to need to group your hair together on the side and then split it in two; section 1 and section 2. Next, take about a quarter of section 1 and cross it over to section 2. Then take a quarter of section 2 and cross it over to section 1. Repeat these steps, alternation between each of the sections and then tie it off at the end! Once you get the hand of it, it won’t take very long at all. However, you could just do a regular 3 strand plait as it’s much easier and because you want the plait more loose, it will end up looking practically the same as a fishtail!

Beachy 3

The final idea is this, which is also demonstrated by my sister! I simply put her hair to the side and took a small section of hair from the front and twisted it and secured it with bobby pins at the back of her head. Then, I did various sized plaits on the side of her head.

I hope you like these simple but cute hairstyle ideas!

Also, thank you to everyone who has signed up for the Teens Tell Their Story project, we can’t wait for the launch! ❤


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