I’m so excited to announce this…

Dear Awesome Reader,

I’m so excited to announce this…

In one week, we have already reached 50 sign-ups for the Teens Tell Their Story project! I’m so thankful and grateful, thank you all so much! I’m so excited and I can’t believe what we’ve achieved already. And that’s all down to you being so amazing!

If you would like someone, for example a YouTuber, to take part and do a special Q and A or something along those lines, then tweet them as much as you can asking them to join in using the hashtag #TeensTellTheirStory. You never know… 😉

There are definitely going to be some prizes and competitions coming at you, but first, we need to reach 100! So share this with as many people as possible!

Share it with people in your school because even if they don’t have a blog, they can still take part using our google+ page!

I also can’t believe that I’m almost at 400 followers and it’s been less then 5 months since I’ve started my blog!

I can’t thank you enough, honestly! I love you guys. ❤


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