What Do You Believe In?

Dear Awesome Reader,

I came across this video by JacksGap (on YouTube) and it was entitled “What Do You Believe In?” And so I thought that this topic would be an interesting blog post idea.

What do you believe in?

This question can be answered in some many different ways.

I believe in equality; men and women should have the same rights. I believe that people should be allowed to love and marry whoever they wish, whether that be someone who is the same or opposite sex as them. I believe we should support, love and respect one another; we are all human beings. I believe that we should be the generation to really accept others. Like I said, we are all human.

I believe that we can make a difference. I believe you can make a difference. I believe that we all have the power to make a positive impact, whether that be on a large or small scale. Smile. And you could be making someone’s day.

I believe that we should surround ourselves with people we love and just mess around and be silly and be ourselves. Let go of everything and enjoy a good laugh with your friends.

I believe in some many other things. I believe that if you have an ambition, you can reach it, you can get there.

I believe in you.

Now it’s your turn to answer the question : What do you believe in?


4 thoughts on “What Do You Believe In?

  1. youmustbehighxo says:

    love this post!
    I believe in balance; I believe in fate and karma and all the rest, but I mostly believe in balance. I believe that there has to be bad to be good and that there has to be suffering to be peace, that we have to make mistakes to learn from them and that what you put into the world you get back. I also believe that there are forces working on the world that we dont understand/cant comprehend like fate and karma and i dont think that we should either

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  2. Casually,A says:

    omg, I love jacksgap . their videos are not basic like some of the youtubers out there. I like how they do little creative videos like Musical chairs and his shed sessions. And I like his video for ella:) . And those accents . What’s not to like about two twins who make videos , although one is gone for now . But cool post . they’re very inspiring . 🙂

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