What Makes You Happy?


Dear Awesome Reader,

Do you ever feel as though the days just go by too quickly? I can’t believe that in only 2 more weeks, the summer holidays will begin!

Anyway, yesterday I had one of those bad days, which is my excuse for not posting. However today has been a lovely day where we’ve celebrated my Dad’s birthday by going bodyboarding, luckily the weather turned out to be great, and then having a BBQ with the family! Actually, it was also my little (not so little) sister’s birthday on Friday which was good too!

It made me think. What makes me happy?

So I’ve compiled a list of a few things that make me really happy!

Sun! If it’s a lovely warm (but not hot) sunny day, then I love it!

Making and editing videos! I can’t describe how much I love doing that which is why I’m unbelievably excited about starting YouTube!

Laughing! Having a good giggle with your friends is one of the best feelings ever! And if I laugh, I really do go for it if you know what I mean!

Blogging! I love writing posts and interacting with so many of you amazing people! I feel as though we’ve made such a lovely, supportive community! And I hope we can continue that through the Teens Tell Their Story Project and discover new teens to add to this incredible community! You guys are just so nice!

Music! Sometimes, a good song is all you need!

Baking! I love baking a cake, scones, flapjacks, anything sweet really, that’s why I enjoy posting recipes now and again. It’s just a fun thing to do and you get to enjoy something tasty as a result! My friend Emily makes amazing cakes and other sweet treats that look simply stunning! Click here to see the types of things she makes, which will make you drool, and then you can nag her to start a baking blog! You’re welcome Em! 😉

I’d better stop there as I will end up going on for a lot longer! I’d love to hear what makes YOU happy! If you’re struggling to think of a blog post idea, then maybe write a reply to this one and share the things that make you happy!


22 thoughts on “What Makes You Happy?

  1. Head over Heels - Aysha says:

    I agree, writing blog posts makes me happy and being outdoors in the countryside watching animals and being with my friends out hiking or playing sports. And I agree about hugs too. Apparently we all need 5 hugs a day. I have no idea where I got that statistic from, I may have simply muddled it up with fruit and veg.

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  2. lostintheworldofblogging says:

    All of these things make me happy, too! When are you starting your YouTube channel (except from the video you’ve already uploaded)? 🙂

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  3. Elm says:

    Your posts make me so, SO happy, and make me smile, which is what I need. I think friendship is the MAIN thing that makes me happy. Talking to friends, laughing with them until my stomach hurts, staying up all night chatting, feeling comfortable talking to internet friends on Skype. It’s just so amazing. Blogging, too, and playing music. I’ll always love it.

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