Excitement, Thank Yous & A Virtual Band

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Dear Awesome Reader,

This morning, I discovered that I had reached 400 followers which is crazy! Thank you all so much, you’ve always been so supportive and amazing! I can’t express how grateful and thankful I am, you really mean a lot to me. Thank you! ❤

I’m extremely excited for the Teens Tell Their Story Project to begin and we are close to 100 sign ups! Thank you to everyone who has already signed up and we hope you’ll enjoy. We will also be doing some “twitter chats” at certain times, where we can just talk about whatever issues you want! Perhaps we could share some advice too. 🙂

Currently, my friends and I are on Skype creating a virtual band! Okay, we’re a little strange…Shout out to all of the Fall Out Boy fans out there though! 😉

Anyway, I’m so excited for the summer and I hope you’re all excited too! Some of you may have started your holidays already and if that’s the case, comment and tell me what you’ve been up to! 🙂

Love you guys! ❤


18 thoughts on “Excitement, Thank Yous & A Virtual Band

  1. cathyjing99 says:

    My summer vacation started June 23rd, and man, time FLIES! It’s been two weeks. I feel like I need to start doing something before I turn into a real potato from, you know, a couch potato. Of course, the TTTS Project is something. 😉

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