I’m Back! #TTTSProject Twitter Chat & Questions!

Dear Awesome Reader,

So, I’ve had a little blogging break and now I’m back!

I’m so excited for the Teens Tell Their Story Project which will launch next Monday (Monday 20th July). It’s never too late to sign up so click here to sign up if you haven’t already! We’re so close to 100 sign ups!

Also, thank you to everyone who joined in with the first #TTTSProject Twitter Chat yesterday; I know a lot of you wanted to get involved but couldn’t due to a number of different reasons, but don’t worry, that was just like a test to see how it would work. The next Twitter Chat will be much earlier and I promise will be much improved! All the same, it was very enjoyable and it was nice to see that many of you are excited and eager to start!

During the chat, I answered some questions which I thought I would share for others that may be uncertain!

Will there be a general topic?

Each week we will choose a different topic and you are free to pick and choose which you’d like to get involved and write about. There is no pressure to participate every week; it’s entirely up to you.

What kind of topics will there be?

They will range considerably, from things such as the pressure to grow up quickly, to something such as YouTube. As always, you are free to suggest a topic that you feel would benefit the community!

When do we write about the topic?

We will post the topic every Monday and you have the rest of the week to write your response and post it on your blog. And you can post it on any day you like!

If you have any other questions or queries, just comment and I’ll answer as soon as I can! 🙂

On a side note, I’m going away for a week with my family next week, however, my Dad has bought this little Wi-Fi box that you can use anywhere and you use the internet! Who knew you could buy a little box of internet! 😉


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