A New Camera & A New Web Address

Dear Awesome Reader,

The Summer Holiday has finally arrived and I’m so happy and excited for what may happen!

You may, or may not, have noticed my lack of posting for the last few days; I had my piano exam yesterday (let’s not speak of how that went!) and I’ve been doing lots of preparation for the Teens Tell Their Story Project which will launch on Monday 20th July.

We’re extremely close to our goal, 100 sign ups, but not quite yet so any extra help with promoting the project would be amazing!

Thank you to everyone who’s signed up, we hope you enjoy it immensely and if you have any questions regarding the project, then you can always contact either myself or Sherina. However, your question may have already be answered and you can click here to check!

There will be another post tomorrow explaining everything in more detail and I’ll include dates and times of the various Twitter Chats we will be hosting! 🙂

Anyway, yesterday I picked up my camera which means there will be a few YouTube videos coming soon…

REALLY IMPORTANT NOTICE : I’m going to be changing my blog address to www.alittledaydreamer.com

Just thought I’d let you know in advance. ❤


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