Teens Tell Their Story : Extra Info & Twitter Party

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Dear Awesome Reader,

The launch of the Teens Tell Their Story Project is tomorrow (Mon 20th July) and I thought I’d give you some extra details to make sure you all fully understand and also give details about more Twitter Chats!

Each week there will be a new topic for you to write a post about. There’s no pressure to complete each and every topic; simply pick and choose which topics you fancy getting involved with! You have the whole week to write a post about the given topic and you must include a link to our post and include the tag “Teens Tell Their Story” in order for us to find it! After the week is finished, we will be featuring a link to one of our favourite posts that has been written.

There will be a Twitter Chat (or more like a Twitter Party) for the launch of the project tomorrow! It will begin at 4:00 pm UK Time. It will be super fun and it would be awesome if you’d join in! 🙂

Like I’ve said before, you can always ask myself or Sherina any questions at any time!

Now I’d better get filming… 😉


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