TEENS TELL THEIR STORY : Week 7 – Competition Entry

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Dear Awesome Reader,

Firstly, I’m going to have to say how proud both Sherina and I are of you guys. This project has grown into something far bigger than we imagined. Now that the holiday is coming to an end, we’re only going to be posting for the project once every 2 weeks. This is because we understand you’ll have less spare time to complete the posts and so you’ll have a fortnight to complete each response. So, you have 2 weeks to complete this week’s prompt.

Because of all that you’ve done for us, we would really love to give back to you and so we’re currently organising a TTTS COMPETITION! However, as we haven’t had enough time to finish arranging everything, we can’t give you all of the details quite yet…!

What I can say though, is to be entered for one of the competitions, you’re going to need to write a post on this week’s topic, which is…

Writing to your pre-teen, or future self. (You could even do both if you wish!)

As always, this can be as creative, detailed, short, *insert whatever you wish* as you like! 😉

Also, we’d like to you nominate another teen blogger to do the same and join in! The more people get involved, the more winners we can have!

Make sure you include the tag #TTTS or #TeensTellTheirStory or a link to one of our blogs so that we can find you!

More information will be coming soon so keep your eye out for posts with ‘TTTS COMPETITION’ in the title.

Remember, you have 2 weeks to complete it! Good luck! 🙂


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