Perspectives (feat. thisbedottie)


Understanding someone else’s perspective of something can be enlightening. It can stir the opinions or thoughts you already own and allow them to grow into something new.

It can open your eyes, enable you to look at things in a new light. Make you wonder.

“See the beauty of the world you’re in now, instead of wishing you were in another.” – Dottie James

Sometimes we can get too caught up and not realise what’s already there; we take things for granted and believe that we must travel far beyond our imagination in order to see the world. In reality, all we need to do is open our eyes and discover what was there all along.

Please check out this beautiful video by thisbedottie and in addition, you can click here to check out my channel too, if you’d like to. ❤ (More videos on their way).

And Dottie, if you do somehow read this, you are a huge inspiration to me and thank you for being you. 🙂


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