Creatives' Project

I’m very almost at 500 followers (!) which is the reason I wanted to start something new.

I wanted a project where we could inspire each other and get creative; see how far our imaginations could take us. But not limited to writing only.

And so, The Creatives’ Project was born! 😉

I have written about it briefly before, but this is the official blog post!

NOTE: It’s targeted at teens, however there will be no age limit. 🙂

Subjects you can take part in are: Writing, photography, film making, art, music and baking.

You may participate in however many you’d like and you don’t have to take part in every single aspect of the subject/s chosen.

If you’d like to get involved in some of the competitions, collaborations etc, then all you need to do is visit this page (which will look amazing by the time we’re up and running) and check for any updates!

However, if you’d like to work behind the scenes on one of the subjects and become part of a team, then please click here to find out more info!


So, the launch of this project will be on Sunday 25th of October and at 6:00 UK time, we can have a HUGE twitter chat/discussion/party! We can use the hashtag #CreativesProject

(But I’m sure I’ll remind you that closer to the date!)

AND FINALLY… If this gets to 50 likes and 10 reblogs… I shall do a giveaway for 500 followers!

P.s – If any of you fancy designing a logo… 😉


25 thoughts on “THE CREATIVES’ PROJECT

  1. parisianpages says:

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    Hey guys ,
    This is short post to inform you guys on a project I’m taking part of . The Creatives project is created by a lovely blogger “alittledaydreamer’ . I would encourage you guys to join if you want to be part of a blogging team because It’s a chance to meet some really awsome people and make friends. This is mostly targeted toward teens but adult are welcome by my undestanding . It’s a chance to show the world your uniqueness, and a time to reveal and improve your creativity . Won’t you join us friends ?


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