I Have Some Good News…!

Over the last week, I had lost a lot of my motivation, and the fact that I was ill over the weekend didn’t exactly help! 😉
BUT, I have some very good news…

I’m back, and feeling very positive! I’m ready to officially start the Creatives’ Project and I’m so excited. >.<

{ I may write a post later on, as to how I changed my attitude towards things such as school, which helped me start to feel more positive again, as I believe it may benefit some of you. ❤ (But I’m no expert!) }

Now, I would love it if you could leave a comment, as I’d like to know if you have any ideas for the project, or if you’re simply just excited about this! 

I do have many ideas now myself, and I think, that with your help we may be able to achieve something HUGE. MASSIVE. GINORMOUS.

But I’m going to need YOU to be on board. Are you with me? 😉


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