CHALLENGE 1 #CreativesProject

I’m very excited… >.<

For those of you who don’t know what the Creatives’ Project is, DON’T WORRY, no one really understands it anyway… yet. And this is why I’m splitting it up into challenges; it will be clear as what to do!

Here we go!

There are six topics : writing, photography, film making, music, baking and art.

You can participate in as many as you like and it is as flexible as you wish – there’s no stress involved AT ALL! 🙂 HOWEVER, to begin with, all topics will be working together on one big collab so that we get the project off to a good start!

There are going to be projects inside the Creatives’ Project. I’m sorry it’s so confusing. Basically, I’m going to have many pages set up on my blog where you can discuss ideas about any projects/collabs you’d like to create. (Not everyone has Twitter or Instagram so there’ll be no group chats on either). Keep checking THIS PAGE for updates on dates/times when this will take place.

To put it simply, I wanted others to be able to create projects and express themselves, while I provide a wider audience to do so.


For now, I’m going to set you all the same challenge, no matter what topic/topics you’re interested in. Here it is:

Write a blog post introducing yourself a little bit, and tell us what topic/s you’re interested in and why. This can be a short or as long as you wish and feel free to include some brief ideas of what you’d like to achieve through the project. (Maybe you enjoy music, both listening to it and creating it yourself, and you’d like to inspire others and give them advice or ideas on how to compose their own music. Something along those lines!)

REMEMBER to include the tag “Creatives Project” and leave a link to your post on THIS PAGE. Also, keep visiting that page to discover new bloggers and just be friendly and say hello, because you may be working with them later on!

So there we go! You have as long as you wish to do it, but just to give you an idea, I’m hoping to start the actual discussions in around 1 week!

Have fun and I look forward to reading your posts! ❤ Oh and you’re very welcome to reblog this if you think your audience would like to join in the fun too! 🙂

P.S – Here’s a link to my YouTube channel which WILL have more videos coming soon! 😉





38 thoughts on “CHALLENGE 1 #CreativesProject

  1. Sheetal Pahadi says:

    A suggestion for the Creatives Project!
    We can select a topic and create a short-film on that. Each one of us who is interested in photography/film-making, all of them can shoot short scenes to include in the film. The team can decide who will take which scene. Who are interested in Music can add background scores later on to that film or create some songs for it. Those who like writing can create promotional lines for the advertising of the movie. Those who like photography can go for poster photoshoots. Those who like drawing can design posters and display ads to promote the film. Other tech-peeps can do the last-stage editing work.

    See, all will get involved. If we get huge participation, all can be divided into few groups and a competition may be held amongst them to make them more passionate towards the Project.

    Hope you like the idea!

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