The Masterpiece 

As most of you know, I LOVE film making and have my YouTube channel where I upload little ideas and artsy videos every now and again. 

But today, I’d like to introduce you to Adrian Bliss. If you’ve not heard of him, then you must have not watched YouTube and/or been on social media for the past month. 

I’m going to put it simply. He is a genius. 🙂

Before his masterpiece of a series ‘Vlogvember’ he was a big inspiration to me due to his incredible Vlog From the Future videos. And now, after Vlogvember, he is an even greater inspiration (if that’s even possible!) 

Please click the following link to his channel to watch the series and I can PROMISE you will love it.

I hope to one day have the opportunity to meet him, but for now, I’m going to keep believing, make all good things, and have fun during the day. Love you guys. ❤

(You much watch the videos to understand the above reference!) 



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