Dear Time…


Wishing the time could stop. Just for a moment. Just for me to gather my thoughts.

Dear Time,

You’re going to quickly. I’m usually prepared, but this year, no presents have been bought yet. And it’s your fault.

Please slow down.

Caitlin. x

*All photos belong to moi. ❤



8 thoughts on “Dear Time…

  1. LyfWithEm says:

    As usual, your photos are beautiful! So pretty of the trees and clouds! I WISH time could slow down too. It’s like, I blink, and the week is over, I blink, and it’s already my birthday again. Where does all that time go!?

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  2. happyalexx says:

    Such a goregous photo and your words are so well written. Being on your blog, is like being on a very special corner of the internet and I know you will think I’m just being nice but I geniually want to say this to you because I believe it.
    Sometimes I wish time would slow down but sometimes I wish it would hurry up.

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