I’m tired of coming home from school feeling…tired. And I’m exhausted from staying awake late to finish homework or revise for yet another test. 

I’m tired of thinking about how to make myself feel less tired…and I’m tired of trying to hide my tiredness…

I think I’m going to sleep now. 

Anyone else feel like this sometimes? :/


9 thoughts on ““Tired.”

  1. Joey Reyes says:

    Every time I come back to my dorm from classes I just jump onto my bed because of how tired I am. I wanna get more work done but just…so…tired!! Is there a cure??

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  2. EDMonGOVN says:

    Bruddah, I feel it everyday! I need rest too! Lets pull our blankets on top of our heads and get lost in the world of dreams! Cause that’s what’s next in my TO-DO List! XD

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