Oh, Memories.

It’s the little memories. And the feeling that comes with them; the feeling of being content and in the presence of beautiful people. ❤


Also, since I’ve FINALLY got my Instagram theme going, I thought I’d share a link! 😉

Instagram : @alildaydreamer

YouTube : A Little Daydreamer (new videos coming soon)


Leave a comment and share one of your happiest memories x


14 thoughts on “Oh, Memories.

  1. celtics345 says:

    Happiest moment graduating U-Mass Boston! I went through a lot took me eight years. I remember aside from the downside of my face getting burned red and the ceremony lasted like 12 hrs and the chancellor couldn’t stop talking and ungraduating us and then regraduating led to a girl yelling ‘shut shut up shut up’ when our school song was played and it was mercifully over. I

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  2. celtics345 says:

    I was going to add my family gave me 100 bucks i got great horror movies for graduation along with a bunch of wrestling dvds and a massive chocolate gf cake. i watched monster club then went on a walk and i heard from all my friends from childhood and all friends in general its a moment u only get once and it was pretty sweet

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  3. Elm says:

    Ooh, my happiest memory? Probably a few months ago, where my friend and I pretended to have a fake argument, and more or less tricked everyone into thinking we hated each other 😀

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