To Inspire.


I’m not sure what you find interesting on this blog. 

But what I hope is that no matter how varied the posts may be, you’re able to take away something from it. Whether it makes you think, or perhaps inspires you and provokes an idea or two. 

I want this to be somewhere you can visit to find inspiration, which is why I tend to keep posts so short, include photos and design my blog to make it all pretty! 🙂

What do you take from this little blog of mine? ❤

*Drawing doesn’t blog to me.


5 thoughts on “To Inspire.

  1. celtics345 says:

    I like the games like that one post you got everyone to share a great memory from their life. I felt that helped people focused on the positive things in their life and inspire them to create new great memories like that. I am making a great memory working on a dream I had to write a Freddy vs Jason 2 fan fiction that involves Michael Myers and horror legends Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing and Donald Pleasence. I love horror movies and those horror legends and like writing them fighting each other as all the fans love that stuff.

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