Appologies, but I have literally just copied and pasted some zodiac aesthetics from tumblr because I found it very interesting and I wanted to share it! πŸ™‚

Aries: knitted scarves, red lipstick, fairy lights, lemongrass, old books, balloons, minimalism

Taurus: mist rising in the sky, wanderlust, architecture, collared shirts, cherry blossoms

Gemini: random words in foreign languages, existential quotes, black, succulents

Cancer: ms paint, paper lanterns, fluffy socks, floral patterns, abandoned places, clothes with pockets

Leo: stars, vintage, symmetry, glass, polaroids, high ceilings, vanilla, willow trees

Virgo: watercolors, clouds, photography, tattoos, lace, monochrome, calligraphy, tea

Libra: pastel colors, perfect eyeliner, pixel art, sunsets, freshly cut grass, impressionism

Scorpio: melted chocolate, song lyrics, dyed hair, scented candles, rain, burning wood

Sagittarius: oversized hoodies, graph paper, chapstick, flower crowns, peppermint

Capricorn: poinsettias, gauzy curtains, the smell of cinammon, teal, backyard greenhouses

Aquarius: chlorinated pool water, mismatched socks, piano music, brown eyes, potted plants

Pisces: space, plaid, gradients, brand-new pens, snowflakes, coffee, dandelions

So…what do you think? πŸ™‚

*Photo belongs to moi. 


24 thoughts on “Aesthetics.

  1. Luna says:

    as a Gemini I love random words in other languages, I always get way too far into thinking of weird subjects like existence and space and also I love succulents WHAT IS THIS SORCERY

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  2. happyalexx says:

    I love this! I’m on the last day of cancer, so I’m almost a Leo. The cancer aesthetics seem warm and homely and I love clothes with pockets, but the Leo one feels more me in a sense, vanilla is my staple scent

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