It’s scary. How someone can change the way they present themselves though a screen, ultimately, just to earn more money. 

There are many popular YouTubers out there who, in my opinion, aren’t being completely… “real”. I believe that some sell themselves in order to appeal more to their target audience, who are mostly made up of young teens, and in some cases take advantage of them. 

I think perhaps this is why I’m putting a lot of thought into what I say and do online, especially on YouTube, as I want to ensure I’m coming across as I me, and not someone who just wants a lot of followers. (Because that’s not why I do this). 

What are your thoughts on this subject? You may completely disagree with me. Maybe it could be a blog post idea – if you do write a response, make sure you send me the link so I can read it. >.<

*Photo belongs to moi. (yes that’s my eye) 😉


15 thoughts on ““Real.”

  1. celtics345 says:

    It’s a real thing alright a girl who came across and very sweet and kind on her youtube mental health channel turned out to be a fake and just suckering people in. I sent her 2 books as gifts as her fans send her stuff she told me ‘Don’t send anymore and take a grammar class I think it would help you!’ So that hurt for the moment a few days ago but went onto to write on and forget about her. I didn’t see it coming but people aren’t always who they appear to be. She was rude and it sucks to her.

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  2. ahalfbloodfangirl says:

    I’ve been actually playing around with posting the same topic on my blog. But, I always fear the backlash from people saying I’m not being supportive of fellow bloggers. I have no intention of calling anyone out but I’ve seen some practices that really have bothered me over the last year. But, Sunday morning I was really ticked about what someone did on IG. Someone I follow posted about an account she created and asked her followers to follow her there. Of course, she gained a ton of followers instantly and followed none of them back. So, yes, I’m tired of the whole people who are only concerned about the numbers and not truly being a part of the blogging/book community. Maybe I’ll write that post after all – lol.

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