Your Aesthetic.

I’ve found some more zodiac sign aesthetics which I thought I could share so here they are: 

aries: books, chiffon, hydrangeas, blacklights, cactus flowers, watermelon

taurus: raindrops, acoustic music, chevron, daisies, the first sunny day of the year

gemini: grayscale photos, eclipses, amber, headphones, stealing your best friend’s clothes

cancer: old cameras, snow-topped mountains, rainbows, scrapbooks

leo: paper cranes, sandalwood, battle armor, sweaters, city lights, vintage patterns

virgo: butterflies, hot cocoa, ball gowns, fallen pine needles, bright colors

libra: bakery smells, sketchbooks, gingham, moonlight, wildflowers

scorpio: sunrises, fishtail braids, petrichor, mixtapes, water lilies

sagittarius: fireworks, warm clothes on a cold day, betta fish, irises

capricorn: roses, curly hair, silhouettes, birch trees, doodled-on coffee cups

aquarius: galaxies, flannel, city skylines, glasses, glow-in-the-dark stars, fountains

pisces: sunflowers, records, concert lights, ice cream, clear nights when you can see the stars

Scorpio ✨ How about you? 🙂

(Apologies for the short post I’ve been revising >.<) 


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