A Little Update…

At the moment, time just seems to be going so quickly and I appologise for taking a little break from blogging/social media. >.<

There’s only 1 more week left until the Easter Holidays and I’m planning on catching up and filming more videos for my channel. I’m actually in the process of editing one now although I’m not sure if I’ll have it finished by tomorrow so we’ll see. 

Sorry about this just being a bit of an update sort of thing; I promise to have some new inspiration-y posts coming soon! ❤

In the meantime, you’re welcome to comment any video ideas that you’d like to see. 🙂


5 thoughts on “A Little Update…

  1. celtics345 says:

    Look forward to your new video. Maybe a video on health and nutrition, film reviews, visit tourist sites to film them for people who maybe interested in visiting them, interview someone who has a career in business it could inspire others to start up a business after school, a video for students coping from stress of school and homework, a video idea that would be a good idea a short film maybe sci fi it could be fun,

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