A Little Project.


So I’ve come up with this idea of once a week, doing a “feature” post whereby I recommend 2 blogs and write about them. But I want YOU to be able to enter! I’ve set up a page HERE where you can comment a link to your blog and write a little bit about it, if you like. The reason I’m doing this is because I want this blog to help others get more recognition and make it easier for others to find them. 🙂

As I’ve mentioned, I’ll be writing about 2 blogs per post; the first will be a blog that’s got under 200 followers and the second with 200+ followers. The reason I’m doing it like that is so that I ensure blogs under 200 followers don’t get left out and have a greater chance of being featured and therefore more people are going to be able to discover them.

The more you get involved with this (e.g comment, check out the other blogs that have been featured, share with others by reblogging etc.) the more likely you’re going to get featured. ❤

I’m really excited about this because it means that I get to discover and follow new blogs myself. I’ll be posting once a week like I said, and it’ll be every Friday (starting this Friday!)

Good luck and happy blogging! 😉



33 thoughts on “A Little Project.

  1. xoceanstarx says:

    First of all, I am not sure how long you have had the new theme as I tend to just read pots through email but I love it! And then secondly, I love this idea because I am newish to blogging and I would love to discover more blogs like mine. I’m really excited for this. xxx

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