Starting YouTube.

Quick side note to begin: The Little Project thingy is starting tomorrow and I’m very excited so click here to check it out if you haven’t already! πŸ™‚

Right. I’ve gone and filmed another video haven’t I. πŸ˜‰ I hope you enjoy, and I apologise for my awkwardness! XD

To see my other videos:


21 thoughts on “Starting YouTube.

  1. Ariana says:

    Wow. I loved that video. LOVED IT. Really enjoyed it. You have the potential to make big dollars out of YouTubeing. Seriously. The way you film is just perfect.

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  2. Zimi says:

    You’re ma bae!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to make a Youtube channel too but I can’t because of my parent and all their’privacy’ crap! But YOU??!!! KEEP UP THE AMAZING JOB!!!! You’re too good!!! Keep making more and more videos! And I understand what you said in the video, also sometimes we can’t express ourselves in front of others as much as we can express ourselves on the camera! Great job!

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