Two Beautiful Blogs.

So this is the first post of the little series/project I’m doing where I feature two blogs that I’ve recently discovered every Friday! 🙂 (For more info, click here).

The first is Guilia from Her blog is just put together so beautifully, and her posts are written to match. She writes opinion posts, fiction and shares some photography too (which obviously I LOVE!). Honestly, her blog is just so nice to look at; it’s very pretty and professional looking. ❤ Of course, you should definitely check her out, she’s incredibly lovely. 🙂

The second is Ellen from As soon as I took a look at her blog I fell in love. It’s just so pretty and her posts are so lovely too! A lot of her posts are dedicated to fashion, but even though that’s not normally my thing, I absolutely LOVE these posts and I guarantee you would too if you take a look. 😉 She’s also a relatively new blogger too so you should definitely go and say hi! ❤

I could honestly write so much about these two, they’re brilliant, but I’m just going to try and keep it short and sweet so that you can find out for yourself! 😉

Thank you to everyone else who’s entered – don’t worry, I’m going to continue these every Friday so there’s a good chance you will be featured in the near future! If you’d like a greater chance of getting chosen, make sure you check out these blogs and leave a comment about what you think! ❤

Thank you. x


12 thoughts on “Two Beautiful Blogs.

  1. welcometoadayinthelifeofme says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these blogs. I love both of them! The High Heeled Paper Girl’s writing is amazing and I love her poems, and let’s not to forget her photography. I have also picked up some really great advice about how to wear boots in spring from Ellen’s blog. I can’t wait to see who you select next week. Happy Blogging! xx

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