Two Creative Blogs.

Apologies for the slight delay, but without further ado, here is another feature post!

The first I’d like to mention is Elly from She is a super sweet girl who has always been so supportive of everyone in the blogging community and I’d just like to thank her for that. 🙂 Her blog is very creative and her posts are so light-hearted and lovely to read. AND her blog is super cute too! >.< Honestly I’d be so grateful if you checked it out as she deserves so much credit for what she does! ❤

The second is  Jasmin from She’s a relatively new blogger who writes all about fashion, beauty, DIYs and lots more. Her posts are just so creative and make me want to get up and try out some of the DIYs myself! 🙂 She’s so sweet and you can see the effort she’s putting in with her blog. As I mentioned, she is new to the blogging community so it would be awesome if you could go and say hello! 😀

Just like before, I’m keeping them short and sweet so that you can go check them out for yourself. 🙂

Thank you again to everyone else who’s entered; I’m going to continue these once a week so there’s a good chance you will be featured soon! If you’d like a greater chance of getting chosen, make sure you check out these blogs and leave a comment about what you think!❤

Thank you x


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