Midnight Wishes.

I wish I didn’t think about things as much as I do. I wish I didn’t let myself get sad so easily and then hold on to that feeling. I wish I didn’t put unnecessary pressure on myself. 

I wish I could express my feelings and thoughts better. 

– some 00:14 a.m thoughts 


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11 thoughts on “Midnight Wishes.

  1. L says:

    I think we all have hundreds of thousands of wishes for ourselves, to make ourselves “better”. Although I’m a whole-hearted believer in ‘you’re perfect as you are’, I get that that is extremely clichรฉ, and extremely conditional, and so I shall not spout that crap at you here. instead, I say this: so long as you’re not bringing yourself to any harm, keep working on it. Those wishes can, of course, become realities, and if it’s what you want, then work on them. Again, I understand that this is extremely conditional, and it’s never as easy as just saying that you’ll work on it, but just think on that. You know where I am if you need someone to talk to :-] XX

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  2. bluefroglets says:

    ๐Ÿ˜ฆ hope you feel better! For expressing feelings and thoughts, it might be good practise to try and keep an offline diary just to say whatever you want whenever you want, no judgments. Or even just saying exactly what you feel to yourself e.g. “I’m sad because I didn’t get to see my friend today” etc. It helps break the barrier between yourself and your thoughts (from personal experience), especially if you’re like me and like to shy away from your feelings because you’re afraid of what you’ll find. Just take the first step to know yourself better, and it makes it WAY easier to let go of what’s worrying you! โค

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