Bedroom Décor Inspo♡

I had a sudden urge to give my room a proper tidy and do a little bit of re-designing. Of course, I chose to do the fun part first…and then there was the “tidying” left to do…

Mhm let’s just say I didn’t exactly get around to doing much of it. 😉

This post is just going to be giving you some little ideas/tips for bedroom designs and showing you what the tidy part of mine looks like at the moment!

The first thing I’d like to mention is more of a tip I guess, but basically if you plan on changing your bedroom quite frequently or if you’re just a super indecisive teenager like me (!), then I would suggest you stick to more plain, neutral colours when it comes to basic furniture, wall colour etc. Because that way, you can bring in more colour with smaller items that can easily be replaced.

For example, in my room, all of my walls are white (which also helps makes it look bigger considering I don’t have a large room). Then, you can decorate the walls with pretty things like bunting, fairy lights and photos which can easily be updated when you fancy a change. And this is exactly what I did today (minus the bunting sadly – defo gotta buy some soon) XD

This is what it turned out like:


I think it looks really cute tbh. 😉 All I did was look through some old photos of me and my friends and printed them out in black and white. I used some double sided sticky tape thing to put them on because I found that using blu tack makes the paint on the wall fade and leaves horrible dark marks. The photos are very small (abt 4×3 cm) which is why I had to print off 60 so that they would fill both walls. (And it did take me quiiiite a bit of time whoops!) Ahh well it was worth it I think.

I mean really, you can’t go wrong with some fairy lights and cute lil photos of you and your mates.

Again, the reason as to why my duvet is just a plain white is so that I can put a throw over it, change the cushions etc. Also it matches the rest of the room which mostly consists of white furniture. (I promise though there is some colour to my room!)

I hope this post was somewhat helpful (?) but honestly your best bet to get more cute bedroom inspiration is to type “cute tumblr bedroom inspo” into google. 😉


Instagram/Twitter – @alildaydreamer



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