This is a sort of poem about how I’ve been feeling recently which I think many of you around a similar age can relate too. I would be absolutely delighted if you did a response to this because I think it would be really beneficial to share thoughts and support each other on this subject.

Don’t tell me that I don’t know how it feels,

How it’s impossible for someone who’s not quite,

Lived the many years you have to grasp the concept,

Of pressure and stress: you’re not right.


We’re told that you can’t help how you feel,

But when it comes down to these two words,

Suddenly the rules change and I’m not allowed,

To express these emotions because to you, they don’t exist.


We are led on by fear of failure and embarrassment,

And when we start to become scared you ask why.

The phrase “just do your best” is used all too often,

Albeit quickly followed by “but that’s not good enough”


This isn’t about a lack of caring; believe me I care too much,

But I have my own expectations and sometimes,

The differing ideas of how to organise my own priorities,

Not only confuses me, but makes me wonder who to believe.


Lately, the pressure of school has gotten to me more than I would like it to and speaking to so many others, I feel as though schools are putting far too much pressure on students. I understand how they themselves have pressure to compete with other schools etc. however I don’t think they quite understand how that is translated onto us.

As I’ve mentioned, I would love to know your thoughts so if you do write something, you’re welcome to promote it in the comments. 🙂 Also, if any of you are getting very stressed and need to talk, you can message me on Instagram/Twitter or email. ❤

Instagram/Twitter: @alildaydreamer

Email: alittledaydreamer01@gmail.com



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