Happy Person – idk I got some advice 4 U

I just wanted to talk about the topic of ‘being happy’ because it’s something that I think is very important, especially when concerning young teens who are being put under A LOT of pressure by schools, but I think I’ll leave that for another post. (lol prepare for a rant soon gang)

As mentioned in my post yesterday, for months and months, there was something bothering me and happiness was very temporary. I can only guess what sorts of things caused this, but ultimately, I’m never going to know exactly. Anyways, I’ve been thinking about what types of things I’m doing differently now, compared to then and I’ve come up with a few things I’d like to share if you’re having the same problem or just need a bit of encouragement that you’re doing good. 🙂

First thing I’d like to mention is : don’t be hard on yourself. *starts singing Jess Glynne, then stops because it’ll be stuck in your head for the next 834 days* Now, I can’t just say this without admitting that I do it all the time (honestly I’m my own worst enemy sometimes) but really, try not to. If you are having a particularly bad day, don’t blame yourself because everyone has those days, it’s okay to feel like that sometimes.

Talk. Talk to anyone you trust, whether that be a family member or a close friend. And let me just add, you are ALWAYS welcome to tweet me, Insta DM me  or whatever if you’re having a bad day or something and feel like you can’t talk to anyone. ❤

Along with this, make plans. Try not to take everything so seriously and go out with your friends and enjoy yourselves. For me personally, I love the unplanned adventures the most; the random “you fancy meeting up in five?” texts. 🙂 (Totally not hinting at my friends rn though… *coughs* Emilyyy)

I think the most important thing I’ve learned though, is that you can’t depend on one single person for your happiness. Different people will always bring out different sides to you and will help you grow. (Look I’m trying to be v wise here how my doing? ;))

But, at the end of the day, you deserve happiness. Never deny yourself of that right. 🙂


BONUS: Christmas is soon so hAPPINESS !! k cool see u soon x


Disclaimer: I probs know nothing I’m just a teen who tries and also can’t spell v well lol



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