School’s Over, Holiday Rambles x

I just felt like doing a rambly post because I didn’t have the chance to post these last few days of school; honesty you’d think they’d give us more of a break. Ahh well IT’S ALMOST FREAKING CHRISTMAS GUYSS whoop XD

As I’ve mentioned already, I really REALLY want to get back into YouTube and this was sort of a last minute decision to start again this hols. But hey why not 🙂 It’ll at least give me a break from revision for the Jan exams.

The main issue I have though is : topics. What on earth am I gonna be talking about >.< (tbh some of them will most likely be influenced by previous posts I’ve written)

I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m literally so happy to have broken up from school, I think we all really need a break.  And I’m not gonna lie but year 11 (sorry I have no  idea what that would be in other countries – 15-16 yr olds) has been super difficult. I also firmly believe that too many subjects have now been made compulsory and we’re all doing too much. Right imma stop now because I really don’t wanna be thinking about school hehe.

I’ve also been thinking about how quickly time has gone. I don’t know if you guys feel the same but it just feels like each year seems to go quicker and quicker, even though it seems impossible to ‘beat’ the previous year. It’s scary in a way because I really don’t want to grow up ^.^

Anyway, I should probably stop now because I have to wake up super early tomorrow because I have a very busy day. I guess this was, in a way, just an update to say heY I’m still here woo xox

Speak soon

Cait x

Insta/Twitter : @alildaydreamer


One thought on “School’s Over, Holiday Rambles x

  1. I'm a Zalfie Fanatic says:

    I agree about the compulsary subject things. I think we should be made to pick three subjects from a collection of compulsary ones (English lit, Eng lang, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and PE) and then only do exams on those three compulsary ones. I don’t understand maths, physics or chemistry and PE is useless so I’d be able to get rid of them and just do the ones I wanted to do. They are bogging us down with way too much work, ugh! At least it’s the holidays, right?!xx

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