My (current) TOP 10 Favourite Songs 🎤

I probably listen to music a good 95% of the time and I thought why not share some songs I’ve been listening to a lot recently. I’m not going to bore you with lengthy descriptions of each one because honestly, I’d be awful it and saying why I like them because sometimes, I JUST DO OKAY. XD

DISCLAIMER: These are songs that I personally think are very good and are by no means new, just what I’ve been listening to lately. x

Oh and these are by no means in order of rating they just happen to be like this in my playlist. 🙂

1. The Sound – The 1975

I do love the majority of 1975 songs but this just happens to be a favourite!

 2. Kathleen – Catfish and the Bottlemen

Again, I quite like a few of their songs but this is the one I’ve decided to choose.

3. Mr Brightside – The Killers

This seems to be a pretty popular song atm but the first Killers song I heard was actually ‘Somebody Told Me’ which I like equally as much.

4. Hurricane – Halsey

I adore the Badlands album so other highly commendable tracks include New Americana, Colors and Ghost. I personally LOVE her voice, ahhh<3

5. Little Talks – Of Monsters and Men

You can’t really go wrong with Of Monsters and Men; they’ve been a solid favourite for some years now 😛

6. Welcome to the Black Parade – My Chemical Romance

I’ll be completely honest, I’ve never been a  h u g e  fan of MCR but oh the memories …

7. Youth – Daughter

Definitely a  more ‘calmer’ song than the ones above but still just as good, in my opinion. I also really like ‘Still.’

8. Young Volcanoes – Fall Out Boy

Okay so I can confidently say that I know A LOT of FOB songs, but I much prefer their earlier songs; Thnks fr th Mmrs being absolute GOLD. X

9. Angela – The Lumineers

I decided not to go with the most wonderful but obvious ‘Ho Hey’ but this little beauty of a song! Also a little different to the majority of the rest of the list. ❤

10. R U Mine? – Arctic Monkeys

Along with Do I Wanna Know and others, I’m really liking them at the moment! 😛

So there you go, I hope this was somewhat helpful or at least interesting. I have picked artists/bands that I know a little about and have listened to more than a few of their songs, but perhaps I could do another post where I share less popular songs that I’ve come across and enjoyed. 🙂

Thanks for reading and I’d welcome any music suggestions in the comments!


(Also gave my blog a little re-design so I’d be so incredibly grateful if you have a look :P)


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