My Go-To (free) Photo Editing Apps 📷


I have played around with goodness knows how many free editing apps over the last few years and I have 3 that I LOVE and want to share. As always, there are some in-app purchases for each one, but they are free to download( from the app store) and work perfectly well without any money spent! 🙂

All edited photos are mine and are just examples of what I use each app for. This isn’t a “how I edit my photos” post, (as that’s something I plan to do soon) simply giving suggestions as to good, free apps to use to make your photos even more aesthetic and hipster. 😉

(Disclaimer: I’m not in any way a photography expert, these are just apps I find really useful and simple to use and believe to be capable of creating some amazing edits)

1. Font Candfont-candy-1y

This app is perfect for pretty fonts, which is what I usually use it for. Although it does also have some other interesting features where you can add ‘artwork’ and ‘sayings’ that have already been put together to use as overlays on your photo. It also provides filters to use and there’s an option to blur the photo to certain degrees to help enhance the text. The only disadvantage of this app that I have to mention is that you do have to pay £0.79 to remove the watermark (although depending on the photo you use you can always just crop it out).

2.  Filterloop


This is definitely my favourite because I can’t believe the amount of effects you get with this app considering it’s free. Of course, you’re able to purchase more, but there are so many free to download. Not only are there lots of effects, but there are lots of ways to apply them. The ‘textures’ are my favourite and I have a habit of adding ‘dust’ to lots of my photos like this one. And unlike this one, there’s no cost to removing the watermark; you simply click it off before saving your photo. 🙂  It’s worth giving a try this one!


3. Fused

Now I must admit, I don’t exactly fused-2use this for the purposes it was designed for. Typically, it’s used for more creative double exposure photos but in all honesty, I haven’t quite mastered it yet. I’m working on it! What I use it for is just putting an already existed drawing overlay on top of one of my photos. Again, there is a £0.79 charge for removing the watermark and additional prices for extra tools. Depending on what you plan on using it for, you canget away without paying for any of these and just crop out the watermark.

I hope this has been somewhat useful to you and has cleared up any questions given to me about what apps I use to edit my photos. 🙂 As mentioned, I will do a more in depth post of editing photos later on and I may references to some of the apps mentioned here.

Also, if you do try out any of these apps or you know of any others I may like, leave a comment because I’d appreciate it so much! x



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4 thoughts on “My Go-To (free) Photo Editing Apps 📷

  1. LyfWithEm says:

    Thanks for these apps – they’re really useful! I think I used to use Font Candy before I got a new phone, but I’m going to get those other apps too because they look really good 🙂 and yas I’m excited for an how I edit my photos!

    Liked by 1 person

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