facts you probably didn’t know about me… :-)

The title says it all : here are a few (interesting) facts about me that you probably don’t know. 🙂

For the majority of my childhood, I was a very quiet and VERY shy bean. 😛

I guess this is sometimes surprising considering now, I put a lot about myself on the internet including on YouTube and I don’t think that it’s something I would have ever thought I’d do as a kid. Only in the last few years have I grown in confidence and I think that’s because I’ve stopped caring about what others think. I have some amazing friends who have accepted me for who I am and I’m going to continue to be myself. Although, to people who know of me from school it may be less surprising. I’m not the type to just go up to talk to anyone just to be more popular or whatever. So maybe I can come across as a bit quiet. Honestly, all you have to do is be bothered to get to know me and then you’ll soon realise that I can carry a conversation very well! 😉

I am a TERRIBLE reader. Just awful.

It’s true. Don’t get me wrong; I CAN read. But I find it so difficult to get into books and even when I do, I seem to forget about it all too quickly. I have no idea why because I loved reading when I was younger and I miss that feeling of just stepping into another world and immersing myself in the story. If you have any tips for this, I would be so grateful seriously! 🙂

I wasn’t always “little”.

By this, I simply mean I haven’t always been short, I kid you not, I was about average height all through primary school. Then comp happened. And I think I just stopped growing hehe. 🙂 I measured myself the other day and it turns out that I’m pretty much exactly 5 ft. >.< I really don’t mind being small though – whatever your physique, embrace it because it’s your body and no-one else’s. ❤

I think I’ll end it on that positive note and I hope you enjoyed reading. 🙂


SUNDAY’S POST (08/01/17)




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