Oh memories xo

Memories are really weird.

Bad memories, of embarrassing events for example, can creep up on you out of nowhere. Yet the good ones are more difficult to find.

Or, the positive memories you do have of a certain day or place seem to exclude all the lousy parts, as if they never happened.

Now in comprehensive school, primary seems to be so perfect, easy and happy. Ask my 8 year old self and I’m not sure if she’d agree. >.<

Do you have a best memory? And do you find that the positives ones are actually the easiest to forget?


MONDAY’S POST (09/01/17)




6 thoughts on “Oh memories xo

  1. smilingdreamer says:

    Hahaha!😂 This made me laugh so much! I have to agree memories ARE weird. I’m also the same as you when it comes to primary school. My past was so perfect & flawless – no stress, no jealousy, no breakdowns, no heartbreaks, no friends ditching you, no physics to study..Okay, I think I’ll stop now – the list is neverending!
    I have many ‘best’ memories. They mostly include vacations, times of success/happiness, doing something for myself, helping others & things like that. I think that it’s up to us whether we easily forget a good memory or not. For eg. I try to always remember the good & flush the bad out of my system. But I know people who easily discard the good & focus on the bad! I loved this post! It’s short, but very interesting & effective. ❤️ Sorry if this was too long – I tend to go overboard! 😊

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  2. kayleigh948 says:

    I do think it’s a lot easier to forgot the positive memories. I think it has to do with your emotions. Speaking from personal experience, I am more likely to remember a day I spent crying than one I spent smiling. We also tend to focus on bad things more because it’s what made “the whole day go wrong.” This year I’m trying to focus more on the good than the bad. X

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  3. Just A Blank Space says:

    I have quite a lot “best memories2. I can’t choose one which makes me happy because it means I have done some great things already. I could fill a whole book just with memories of my exchange year and all my adventures I did during that year.

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