My Number 1 Favourite Series EVER:P


It’s Merlin. XD

Honestly, I just wanted to share this because I posted a reference on my Instagram a while back and I was surprised that people were getting so excited by it.

I watched it when it first came out but was probably too young to really understand and appreciate it properly. In my opinion, the writing is amazing and always makes you question whether you should like certain characters and understand why they have those beliefs or not.

I adore Merlin and his relationship with Arthur is just so cute! ❀

The series is on Netflix at the moment and I urge you to watch it if you haven’t done so before. πŸ™‚ (I’m almost finished!)

Let me know what your favourite film or series is as I’m ill at the moment and can’t do very much! 😬


FRIDAY’S POST (13/01/17)



9 thoughts on “My Number 1 Favourite Series EVER:P

  1. Jemima says:

    I love Merlin! I didn’t stick with it for long because I’m not a very committed person but I loved the little I saw. And I saw the final episode on Tumblr so I probably won’t watch it anymore.
    Some of my all time favorite series are:
    F. R. I. E. N. D. S
    Will & Grace
    How I Met Your Mother
    Big Bang Theory
    Basically the great comedies. I can watch them over and over again.

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  2. Jamila Smith says:

    I love what you said about the characters and questioning their beliefs and motives. I’ve seen episodes of Merlin here and there but I’ve not watched the whole series in chronological order. At the time I watched it, I wasn’t at the age where I binge-watched series, so I guess I could say that like you the first time you saw Merlin, I was too young to fully appreciate it.

    Since then, I’ve seen the first few episodes on Youtube and Netflix, but never got round to fully finishing the series. I don’t know which ones I’ve seen. It’s also annoying because every time I make up my mind to properly re-watch the seires, I start the first few and then don’t have time to watch the rest! So I’ve basically watched the first few a bunch of times but then there are loads that I haven’t seen at all..

    Okay, my favourite series at the moment!! YESSS!!!! Any opportunity to answer this question! πŸ˜€ I’ve been telling everyone about this. It’s called Being Human. You might’ve seen it’s on iplayer. They have the boxset on there, but they’re taking it down in about 25 days, so hurry up! πŸ˜› When I first saw the description I thought it sounded SO typical and annoying. (Something along the lines of ‘A vampire, a werewolf and a ghost are flatmates’ IKR?). I thought it looked kinda crap TBH. But then, like you, I had a cold and there wasn’t much I could do. So I figured I’d just give it a go. I LOVE IT. Sure, there are aspects that are typical and annoying, but all in all it’s captivating. I hope you watch it πŸ™‚

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