A List of Faves:-)

I have had NO time to come up with a better idea and so I thought why not do a little roundup of some of my better posts. These are mostly based on how much I enjoyed writing and sharing them with ya! 🙂

CAN I GUESS YOUR STAR SIGN BY YOUR AESTHETIC? – self explanatory really but sm fun hehe ^^

My Go-To (free) Photo Editing Apps 📷 – I’ve started getting back into taking more photos recently as the weather’s improving slightlyyy ayyee

Happy Person – idk I got some advice 4 U – another new year’s resolution was to just be kinder to myself and try and be more happy so I like this one 🙂

WHY EXAMS ARE NOT IMPORTANT. (well they are, but they’re not) – because more exams are approaching and I really don’t want people to get stressed it’s not worth it x

Self Love Club. ♥ – I just <3<3<3

So there you have it, posts you may or may not have already read but are some of my faves from the last month. 🙂

Do feel free to leave a fave post you’ve written or someone else has written in the comment letting me know why it’s so bloody good! XD





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