Is Happiness a Choice?

There is some scientific evidence to suggest that happiness is a choice.

But for me, I’m not sure I’d completely agree.

I simply want you hear YOUR opinion and so I’d love you to comment and share your thoughts. ❤


5 thoughts on “Is Happiness a Choice?

  1. Sheetal Pahadi says:

    Not always. There comes a phase when Happiness is not at all a choice. A phase when you know that you are not happy, and you know what makes you happy, you do what once used to make you happy, but still- no happiness. That’s the terrible phase and that phase doesn’t give us choices- just gives dull experiences for entire life.

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  2. athoughtfulteenblog says:

    As an optimistic person I totally agree with this phrase! I have had times when I’ve been down in the dumps and honestly never thought I would be able to get out, but I did! I did only because I told myself to and I did what I could to make it all better. Happiness may take time but it happens when you are in the right frame of mind and I am positive everyone can be happy!

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  3. aasis01 says:

    In my opinion….Happiness is not just a choice…it’s life.We play different roles…experience a lot of things in our lifetime…But happiness is what makes our life worth living and worth believing…. it is probably the only thing which increases by sharing…so it’s really cool how this concept works.. 🙂

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