Dear, You.

For the last month or so, blogging has been more for me, and less for you. Perhaps without anyone realising it. Basically what I mean by this, is that I’ve been getting upset, stressed, confused and just generally down and writing on here it’s helped me let that out. I suppose it’s almost been like a document of how things are going.

And for the last few days, I’m happy to say that things are improving. 🙂

I guess what I’d like to say is that, this post is for you. Things are going to get better and you just have to have faith in that. Don’t beat yourself up over a bad day after a good streak. And, most importantly, don’t you ever think that you’re alone, because you’re not.

I feel it appropriate to give my contact details if you ever feel the need to talk to someone. ❤ @alildaydreamer – instagram

Thank you for reading this you wonderful being. x


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