Why You SHOULDN’T buy Bleach London Super Cool Colours (Rosé + Violet Skies Review)

On Saturday, me and my best friend were super excited to try out the Bleach London colours in “Rosé” and “Violet Skies”.

The recommendation was to leave it on for 15 minutes, onto damp hair, and then wash it off. It also claimed to last 2-10 washes.

We’d already read other reviews saying you should leave it on for more like 25-30 minutes, so that’s what we did. Now, Emily has naturally blonde hair which she hadn’t coloured before, so we knew it should work the best on her hair. I applied half the bottle of Rosé onto her hair, which is quite a bit taking into account she doesn’t have long hair, and left it for 25 minutes. After washing it and drying it, we discovered that it didn’t have a lot of effect AT ALL. There wouldn’t have even been any point taking a photo, as you could only see some subtle pink streaks in certain light.

I know that my hair is closer to brown but is still pretty light at the moment, but my attempt at the Violet Skies turned out to have a much worse outcome – there was no outcome. We’d applied almost the whole bottle onto my hair, left it for well over an hour and when I washed it out, there was no purple whatsoever in my hair. I was honestly so disappointed.

We ended up re-dying Em’s hair with the rest of the bottle, leaving it on for an hour. There was more of an effect, yet still a lot more blonde than pink considering how much we used and how long we left it for.

I honestly think that with the instructions of 15 mins and saying it would last 2-10 washes is insane, there is no way that could be possible. Only bother using these if you’ve completely bleached your hair and perhaps go for some of the darker colours. But to be honest, you’re probably much safer with a semi-permanent dye that you are able to mix yourself.

I really just wanted to put this out there because prior to buying these, we both did research into how good these were, but were quickly over-whelmed by positive reviews and results. I personally would never use their products again and am going to stick with semi-permanent dyes when it comes to fun colours like these.

I hope this helps someone in some way. x

Message of the day : do your research. c:



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