The Monday Rule

Really wants to post on a Monday because she somehow thinks it makes her seem organised and makes up for the fact that she hasn’t consistently written anything in 3 months but actually doesn’t have a clue what she wants to say. So instead, she writes her entire post based on how she is having such an absolute crisis over what to type, just so she has something to type. She realises how this is almost as stressful as her exams because it’s seemingly getting later and later and she was looking forward to watching more Gilmore Girls. Frustrated, she starts bashingggawliurgasfv whs dlaiysffyau at the s;fi\bf\ keys ! awr;iuGEWR

But wait! she had done it. Somehow, she’d figured out how to covey her thoughts in what she felt was a fairly entertaining way and slipped back into the blogging world as if she’d never been gone in the first place.

She also thinks she’s a bit smart.



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