nostalgia is really, super great

I couldn’t tell you exactly what brought it on, but the past few weeks I’ve been feeling very nostalgic and, I like it. I’ve ended up talking so much (to practically anyone who’ll listen) about things that happened when I was little, then finding clips from our old family video camera.

The best thing is that it encouraged me to reach out to some friends from my old school, of whom I hadn’t been in contact with for around 5 years. (Legit I don’t know where the time goes half the time)

Because of all of this, I’m getting little flights of nostalgia pretty often now, most of the time not knowing what triggered it. But I really, really like it. 🙂

Even going back through old pics that I took only a couple of years ago, purely to put on my blog just….ahhh it makes me so happyyy!

I’m thinking of  doing a video on YouTube about some of my childhood, including footage and photos and/or a blog post. Let me know if this is something you would be interested in!!

Anyways, what do you think about nostalgia, and what are your most fond memories of the past? :p

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2 thoughts on “nostalgia is really, super great

  1. n3wromantics says:

    You should go for it, I don’t mind seeing youtube videos of your childhood:3 I think it’ll be interesting! Most fond memory I guess is , my uncle bringing me and my siblings in the arcade shop and us winning tickets to exchange to prizes. That was the “mobile phone” fun back then XD

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