Summer Outfit Ideas (for teens) ♥ : the ‘aesthetic art child’ style

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more and more interested in clothes, and really enjoy putting outfits together. It’s surprising how confident a well thought about outfit can make you feel! I have no real knowledge about ‘fashion’ itself, it’s more of a case of what I feel comfortable and visually appealing to me personally. One of my favourite pastimes is to go onto apps such as Pinterest and browse for outfit inspirations, which lead me to create this mini series. In this post, I’m going to be exploring artsy aesthetic vibes and aim to give inspiration to those interested in these types of clothing.

Although it is nearing the end of summer, I feel as though these outfits would still be okay for all times of year with some slight alterations e.g tights in the winter.

I’ve tried my best to keep the cost to a minimum, as if I was to go ahead and buy these clothes myself, however I’m sure if you looked hard enough there would be cheaper alternatives. And after all, this is only supposed to give you a bit of inspiration. I’d also like to mention that I’m not being sponsored by any of these brands, I simply just like what they produce!

Despite this, if you do want to check out any of the products shown below, just click on the products’ name next to the photo and there will be a link to the sellers’ page.

Outfit 1




Yellow Tee from New Look : £4.99

Tan Brouges from ASOS : £25.00

Pink Sunglasses from ASOS : £12.00

Embroidered Mom Jeans from New Look : £29.99




Outfit 2



Black and white contrast tee from Pull & Bear : £5.99

A-line tan skirt from New Look : £19.99

Black ankle boots from ASOS : £30.00

Marble face watch from ASOS : £18.00



Outfit 3



Floral print jumpsuit from Bershka : £19.99

Printed tote bag from H&M : £3.99

Rose gold earrings from Topshop : £12.50

Red leather sandals from Pull and Bear : £12.99




There we go! I would love to do more but it’s surprising how long it takes to put each one together. I did try hard to be a bit more original and not just throw tons of doc martens and kanken backpacks at you!

I plan on makes this a mini series where I explore other clothing styles to make sure I’m appealing to everyone in some way. Posts will be linked at the bottom.

SO, is this generally your clothing style? Or do you tend to gravitate towards something of the opposite? Leave a comment letting me know to help me cover everything, and also because I’d be very interested.

Thanks for reading!

-Caitlin x



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