note to self.

note to self:


When you’re ill,

You cannot just ‘talk yourself out of it’.

Sorry, but you ain’t that special.


You need to look after yourself first and foremost.

You are important to, you so,

Please take care.


Sometimes, what you need isn’t what you want.

Understanding what you need,

Should be your focus.






You don’t have to make yourself vulnerable and open to everybody,

Simply to make them understand.

People don’t need to understand to be kind.


Today I was sick. And I still felt as though I should be making use of time: being busy. What I failed to realise is that resting and taking care of myself, would allow me to have more time to make use of. To heal quicker. This is why I wrote this list for myself, as a reminder that it’s okay.

Please don’t be hard on yourself like this.

-Caitlin x





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