get to know Me 

I was thinking of doing a quick Q and A for a video for YouTube and I would really appreciate it if you left a question or two in the comments xx  (I will also personally reply on here too, just in case the video takes longer than expected) ❤️ Thank you in advance xx 

my room. 

This is a completely unedited, candid photo of my room. ^^ Or a part of it at least.  My room is my own space. It's mine to feel safe in; somewhere I am able to completely and utterly be my authentic self.  Occasionally, it gets messy. But that's only if I pay attention to it. Funnily … Continue reading my room. 


Now that I've got your attention:  Heyyy:) It has been FAR too long. So long in fact that I really have forgotton how and what to post.  So here's the plan, I'm going to just attempt at posting daily; random little things that happened to me that day, or whatever I feel I'd like to … Continue reading Sex

The Monday Rule

Really wants to post on a Monday because she somehow thinks it makes her seem organised and makes up for the fact that she hasn't consistently written anything in 3 months but actually doesn't have a clue what she wants to say. So instead, she writes her entire post based on how she is having … Continue reading The Monday Rule