what I need right now is :

Sleep. Something I do all to often, And not often enough. Constantly in a battle with tiredness, Yet I do myself no favours, By blogging at 22:21 pm on a Wednesday night. x YESTERDAY'S POST (10/01/17) THURSDAY'S POST (12/01/17) @alildaydreamer alittledaydreamer01@gmail.com


Oh memories xo

Memories are really weird. Bad memories, of embarrassing events for example, can creep up on you out of nowhere. Yet the good ones are more difficult to find. Or, the positive memories you do have of a certain day or place seem to exclude all the lousy parts, as if they never happened. Now in comprehensive school, primary … Continue reading Oh memories xo


This is a sort of poem about how I've been feeling recently which I think many of you around a similar age can relate too. I would be absolutely delighted if you did a response to this because I think it would be really beneficial to share thoughts and support each other on this subject. … Continue reading “PRESSURE.”

What Do You Think?

Comment what time it is and what you're currently thinking about.  It's 22:57 p.m and I'm thinking about how I shouldn't be thinking. And how sleep is probably a good idea; the solution to most problems. 🌙