Family films of the 2000’s we all loved … (pt1)

Growing up, I thoroughly enjoyed watching films as a family and recently, I've been thinking about what films I used to love the most. It's incredible how quickly you forget that some of these films existed and how much of an impact they had on you. I decided to put together a list of the … Continue reading Family films of the 2000’s we all loved … (pt1)


A List of Faves:-)

I have had NO time to come up with a better idea and so I thought why not do a little roundup of some of my better posts. These are mostly based on how much I enjoyed writing and sharing them with ya! 🙂 CAN I GUESS YOUR STAR SIGN BY YOUR AESTHETIC? - self explanatory really but … Continue reading A List of Faves:-)

a list for : me

  Stop worrying. * Be kind to yourself. * Be yourself. * Listen more. * Master the art of 'patience'. * Make art. * Keep an open mind. Question your beliefs, always. * Sleep. YESTERDAY'S POST (03/01/17) THURDAY'S POST (05/01/17) @alildaydreamer