my room.ย 

This is a completely unedited, candid photo of my room. ^^ Or a part of it at least.  My room is my own space. It's mine to feel safe in; somewhere I am able to completely and utterly be my authentic self.  Occasionally, it gets messy. But that's only if I pay attention to it. Funnily … Continue reading my room.ย 



Now that I've got your attention:  Heyyy:) It has been FAR too long. So long in fact that I really have forgotton how and what to post.  So here's the plan, I'm going to just attempt at posting daily; random little things that happened to me that day, or whatever I feel I'd like to … Continue reading Sex

-New Old Photos-

Looking back atย old photos hasย made me feel positive about the somewhat forgotten and faded memories of years ago. But this has quickly turned into disappointment. The last year seems such a rush and blur, made up of unexciting and stressful days. Unfortunately, those are the days that I remember most. I thought I'd drastically improved … Continue reading -New Old Photos-